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Located in a secret and quiet corner of Melbourne’s Outer South East, Fingerprint Audio is a three room oasis of musicality and creativity.

We use UAD Apollo hardware as our studio core, and track 16 live channels with Neve pre-amp processing, plus a collection of other creative options. Centred around a superb and versatile live room (with a 100 year old tuned upright piano), a comfy console room and a separate vocal booth, Fingerprint is both large enough and small enough to accommodate large bands and solo projects. We also have a fully tuned Sonor Force room drum kit (thanks Jordy Dunn and his family!).

We are Logic Pro X kind of people, but are Pro Tools friendly also. We can do your Album, EP or Demo from the very start, or you can bring in your own projects and stems and continue where you left off. We have a mastering partner and can also provide help and guidance with self-publishing.


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Make it Great, Make it Now.

Creating great music often a matter of time and place, of preparation vs inspiration, of rehearsal vs improvisation.

At Fingerprint Audio we have created a hidden oasis tucked away in a corner of a suburb in the Melbourne fringes, somewhere to snap the synapses of the cues and distractions of the day to day and create a place, and a time. Located by a pool, with covered patios and bbq areas, our studio is a self contained two room building: a tracking room and console room, plus a separate vocal booth, insulated behind a merbau facade.

Studio owner Paddy Cummings has a wide range of instruments and equipment available, including Fender Strats and Telecasters, Fender basses, Mesa and Mark amplifiers, a 100 year old upright Piano and a German made Sonor Force room drum kit. We run 16 simultaneous track recording via an Apollo 8P and Presonus DP88 into Logic Pro X, and make use of the amazing range of UAD modelling of classic Neve, Fairchild, SSL and other industry standard preamps and compressors. We run Behringer Powerplay Headphone Amps for each individual performer. Our vocal booth has a range of mic choices including Shure SM7B and Rode NT1, and can run through a JoeMeek preQ and Radial Komit compressor, or via a Neve 1073 (UAD) preamp.

The studio was constructed primarily by Melbourne Drummer and Percussionist (and carpentry savant) Steve Allingham, and designed from the ground up with performance and creative headspace in mind.

At Fingerprint we can provide raw stems, Logic X or ProTools session files, and fully mixed, master-ready 48K audio. We offer mastering via James (Oysters) Kilpatrick. We can also assist in CD pressing and artwork through Implant media, and also provide advice and assistance with digital publishing: getting your music to digital music subscription services such as Spotify, Apple Music and next week’s big thing.

We are also not very expensive. At all. For real.



Call Us On 0429 118 889